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July 24, 2013
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Lil' Mama

That's what they call you. Kurloz and Gamzee Makara are your best friends, and you love them very much. You also like their father, Grand Highblood a.k.a GHB. They are a funny and unusual family, but that's the reason you love the Makara family a lot.

Today is Friday, and you're heading to the Makaras mansion. Why you ask? Well, there's this time when they did rude things to their servants, and you told them to be nicer to them. At first they refused, but you promised them to always visit them every weekend if they obey you. And they agreed.

So here you are, walking down the street towards the Makaras mansion. Today they promised to teach you some drawing styles, and you are really looking forward for it. You hug your bag to your chest, and walk faster. Finally, you're arrived at their mansion, and you ring the bell.




That was weird you thought. They usually would show up even before you ring the bell. Or maybe a servant would open the door. And it's surprisingly quiet. There's usually some honking sound, or crashing sound, or anything. But now, there's nothing. Nothing at all.

You decided to use the spare key they gave you, and then go inside. There's no sign of them, or any servants. You place your bag at the bottom of the grand staircase, and then walk upstairs. You walk through the large hall, heading towards the gallery.

Then you hear a voice inside your head.

Hello lil'Mama

You giggle. It's Kurloz's chucklevoodos. You turn your back to see if he's around, but there's nothing there. Then Kurloz talks again.

Listen lil'Mama, you need to get the motherfuck out of here now. This motherfucker is really motherfucking sorry to break the promise, but we'll talk about it later. Now hurry up-

His chucklevoodoos were cutted, and there's a loud banging from the a room at the other hall. It's from the living room. You immidiately run to the living room, worried if something might happen to the Makaras. You slam the door open, revealing Kurloz pinned down the ground by Gamzee, both of their make up was a mess, and there's purple blood on the floor.

You scream, and they immidiately stop, and stand up. You run to them, checking the wounds on their body. There's a lot of bruises and wounds, and you flick their foreheads as a punishment. You take out the first aid kit box, and find nothing inside.

You sigh, and then signal them to stay there when you go out. You make a quick trip to the nearest pharmacy, buy some medicine and antibiotics and some other stuffs, and head back to the mansion.

And when you got back to the kitchen, you see Kurloz is holding a wine bottle and getting ready to smash it to Gamzee's head. You scream his name, and he turns his head towards your direction, and hold down the bottle, smiling at you. You snatch the bottle from his hand, and make them sit down on the chairs.

You clean their bruises, give antibiotics, and wrap bandages. And after you're done, you cross your hands, looking at them.

[Name] :"So why did you guys fight?"
Gamzee :"We're training lil'mama"
Kurloz :*We're training for a competition*
[Name] :"Don't lie to me. I've known you guys for ages. And you never fight. Tell me everything"

Gamzee gives you a sad face, and Kurloz tug his shoulder, signalling Gamzee to tell you. He looks at you.

Gamzee :"Well, lil'mama, there's this one motherfucking miraculous girl..."
Kurloz :*And both of us love her*

You're surprised. You didn't think that they'd like someone despite their unusual habits, lazy face, and some other things.

[Name] :"Ooooh!! Who's this special girl?? I can help you guys to get her!!"
Gamzee :"Whoa calm the motherfuck down, lil'mama, this girl is-"

His sentence was cut by Kurloz's finger pointing at your chest. Yes, the girl is you.

[Name] :"Nice try to surprise me Kurloz, but it doesn't work~"
Kurloz : (growls)
Gamzee :"No lil'mama, it's you"
[Name] :"What?"
Kurloz :*We were fighting to death to get you. Whoever wins gets you~*
Gamzee :"But I think the miraculous girl gotta choose."
Kurloz :*So... Me? Or this motherfucker beside me?*

To be continued...

(Gamzee x Reader x Kurloz) HoNk :o)by janicetheice

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2013-2014 janicetheice
Mature Content
Got no idea for the title. Meh. Sorry if it's too plain and sucks. I made this because most people wants me to make this in my journal comments, so yeah. I got no more idea to make the story, so I'm sorry again if it's plain.

Please do not copy the story and claim it as your own.
And as always, your comments always make my day, and your critics make my work better. And I'm sorry for the grammar mistakes, and please point it out so I can fix it...

:iconpervygamzeeplz::iconpervykurlozplz::iconpervyhighbloodplz: belongs to :iconandrewhussieplz:
You belongs to yourself
Story belongs to :iconjanicetheice:
Cover picture belongs to its rightful owner (I found it in Google)

Aaaand I'm making a vote whose ending should I make first.
Gamzee? Kurloz? GHB?

Should I make a lemon?


Vote closed!!
Gamzee :15
Kurloz :18
GHB :7

So I'll make Kurloz, Gamzee, and GHB~~
Thanks for voting!

Kurloz :…
Gamzee :…
GHB : Not yet!
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