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September 27, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)

[Name] :"Nice try to surprise me Kurloz, but it doesn't work~"
Kurloz : (growls)
Gamzee :"No lil'mama, it's you"
[Name] :"What?"
Kurloz :*We were fighting to death to get you. Whoever wins gets you~*
Gamzee :"But I think the miraculous girl gotta choose."
Kurloz :*So... Me? Or this motherfucker beside me?*

Grand Highblood's Ending

[Name] :"I-I can't choose"
[Name] :"I simply can't. You guys are like my brothers..."

Gamzee :"Why Lil'Mama? We're motherfucking flushed for you!"
Kurloz :*All you have to do is choose*

Shocked by his sudden shouting, you don't realize that you've been cornered by them. You're in a very scared condition now, because they never looked this serious before. You close your eyes, and slightly feel your eyes become wet. Crying. Scared. That's all you can think.

That's untill the door flings open.


Gamzee and Kurloz turns their attention tho GHB's sudden entrance, and when they're distracted, you slip through the gap between Gamzee and Kurloz, and run out of the room. You run away from then, ignoring Gamzee's yelling or Kurloz's chucklevoodos inside your head.

You run to the highest part of the mansion, which is the attic, and hide there. There's a bed, an old wardrobe, and some other junks there. You sit on the dusty bed, not caring the dust that covers the bed. Your head are in your hands, and they are shaking furiously. Your heads hurts a lot because of Kurloz's chucklevoodos.

You begin sobbing, and look for your phone in your pocket to call someone, but it's gone. Probably fell when you were running earlier. You desperately move your position from sitting to laying down, waiting untill Gamzee's yelling and Kurloz's voices disappear.

(Time skip 1 hour)

You look at your watch. It has been an hour and the yelling and voices are gone. Wiping the sweat and tears on your face, you walk to the stairs slowly, but stop when you hear footsteps. You jump back a little, and your eyes are dilating in fear and hold your breath.


You exhale as you hear the voice. It's the oldest Makara's voice, the Grand Highblood, or GHB as you call him. You see his big shadow walking up the stairs to the attic, and when he sees you, he look kinda relaxed. You burst out sobbing again, not because you're scared, but because you're glad it's GHB.

"Here, come here Lil'Mama, those motherfuckers are gone. You're safe now"

He sits cross legged near the bed, and held his hands out for you, beckoning you to come to him. His voice is really soft that time, unlike his usual yelling voice. You hesitantly crawl to his lap, and sob on his chest. He moves your small figure to a more comfortable position on his lap, and begin to rock and shoosh papping you gently.

After you finally calmed down, he lifts you bridal style, and brings you to his bedroom or restpiteblock as the trolls call them. But weirdly his room has a king sized bed and a recuperacoon at the same time. He place you on the bed and sits next to you.

"So what the motherfuck happened?"

You explain the whole situation that happened before, how they fought, how they forced you to choose untill he walked in. His face looks angered by every second and you know he's really holding back the urge to throw something that time. After you finished explaing the story, you sigh and shoosh pap him, making his face relaxed.

"Who do you choose?"

You feel your heart stops at the question and a blush makes a way to your face. Why, do you ask? Because you have been developing a red feeling for the Grand Highblood. You love his attitude, his face, his voice, and love him with all your heart.

"Is it Kurloz?"
"Then Gamzee"
"Then who the motherfuck has taken your heart? Please don't tell me that it's an Ampora"
"Well, of course not"

Then you answer him by giving him a kiss on the lips. He looks surprised, you can tell although you're closing your eyes. You quickly pull back and look at the ground, blushing heavily.

"The only one that can take my heart is you. I'm sorry"

You keep looking at the ground, too scared to see his face and reaction towards your actions. Then you feel a hand pets your head gently.

"Why so sorry lil'Mama?"

Surprised by his answers, you look up, only to be meet with a soft pair of eyes looking at you. He looks really relaxed, and he leans down, cups your face with his large hands, and kisses you passionately. You melt into the kiss, and he pulls you to his lap.

But after a few seconds you have to break the kiss because the lack of oxygen. You smile to him, and he nuzzle your nose with his. His face paint is smeared on your face and you giggle then kiss his nose. He honks softly then lift you to the center of the large bed.

He nibble your collarbone, and you moan in the process. You're under him now, and he's still kissing your neck making you let out another loud moan. You can feel his lips smiling on your neck, and he slips his hand inside your shirt, and make his way to your breast. He kneads your breast gently, and your hand makes its way to the base of his large horns.

You begin to rub it slowly, but then faster and faster, and you can hear a slight rumbling in his chest, which is a purr. You move your hands up and down, and the purr becomes louder and the grip on your breast become tighter. You suddenly feel the cold air of the room hits your skin, and you realize that your shirt has been ripped by GHB. And along with your bra.

You groan, what will you wear later? Oh well, that doesn't matter now. Then you try to take off his shirt, but no avail. It's pretty tight. He chuckles at your effort, and take off his shirt. You would be lying if you say that he doesn't have nice abs. You almost have a nosebleed by just staring at his perfectly toned body.

"Like what you see?"
"F-Fuck yes"

You touch his body with your hands, and he shivers at your touch. Getting bored, you pull his body down, and kiss him again. He shove his tounge inside your wet cavern, and explore every inch of it. After satisfied of tasting your cavern, he stands up and move his pants along with his boxers, and he reveals a HUGE tentabulge, that squirms wildly, searching for warmth.

He lays down in front of you, and open his legs. You already know what to do. You lean down and begin to suck his huge tentabulge in your mouth. You almost choked whn it squirmed, but then managed to shove all of them inside. You lick his tentabulge, and hear him moan loudly. You purposely bite it softly, and it squirm again in your mouth. Right after you bite it, he suddenly cums, making your face covered with his purple juices.

You lick all of them clean, and it surprises you that his juices tastes delicious. Then he move your position beneath him, and he position himself in front of your entrance. He looks at you, looking worried.

"Are you motherfucking sure wanna do this?"
"Just do it slow at first"

Then right after that, he insert his member inside you slowly, and you can feel a sharp pain in your body. He stops and wait for your signal. A few minutes later, the pain seems to be gona and to be changed by an overflowing pleasure. You nods to him, and he begin to picks up pace, and thrusts faster, he keeps thrusting and you keep moaning his name, untill he hit your G-spot.

"Fu-Fuck, hit that again..."

He keeps hitting your G-spot untill finally, you climaxed along with him. Your materials mixes with his purple-ish coloured one, and stain the bed. Panting heavily, you cuddle to him on the bed.

"So... Are we matesprits now?"
"It's up to you lil'Mama"
"Then we are"
"Motherfucking flushed for you"
"Flushed for you too~"

Then both of you sleeps on the bed, unaware of 2 pair of eyes that was watching you the entire time...


"I told you it'd work"
*Okay, then we shall leave them be*
"Let's slam some motherfuckin' wicked elixir, bro"
*Sounds good to me, honk*

HoNk :o) (GHB's Ending) [LEMON]by janicetheice

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2013-2014 janicetheice
Mature Content

:iconhighbloodplz: belongs to :iconandrewhussieplz:
You belongs to :iconhighbloodplz:
The story belongs to :iconjanicetheice:
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