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July 2, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)

Today is Friday, and as usual, you always stay over at the Captor's hive. You are best friends with the Captor, the Psiioniic, Mituna, and Sollux. They are like a family to you. You love them, and they love you. In the weekend, you would cook, do the laundry, well, a housewife job.

You walk to the Captor's hive humming a melody. It's spring, and you like the flower scent. You know that Mituna planted some flower seeds last month, and he will be very happy today. You're finally arrived at their hive, and knock the door. You're greeted by the oldest Captor, the Psiioniic.

"Oh hey, [Name]. The boys have been waiting for you. Come in"
"Thanks Psiioniic!"

You give him a peck on the cheek then walk in, and suddenly Mituna tackles you with a teddy bear hug. He keeps snuggling you on the floor untill Sollux shows up and pulls him from you.

[Name] :"Hey thanks Sollux, and Mituna, stop tackling me like that"
Mituna :"But you're so comfy to be hugged!!"
Sollux :"Don't mentiion iit"
[Name] :"So, what do you guys want to eat today?"
Mituna :"Oh! Oh! Make the honey cake you gave uth latht Chrithtmath!"
Sollux :"Ii'm fiine wiith anythiing"
[Name] :"Okay then, let me use your kitchen"
Mituna :"I'll help you!"


I really love [Name]. The ith the sweetest human I've ever met. Other human would look at troll in disgust, but [Name] is different. I think I'm flushed for her, but I also know that Sollux altho flushed for her too. It seems that he is my rival in love, although he is my brother. And also, he knows that I'm flushed for [Name].

Sollux goes back to hith room, but [Name] stops him.

[Name] :"Don't you wanna joun us, Sollux?"
Sollux :"No thank you"
Mituna :"Jutht let him be [Name]! Let'th jutht make the cake~~"

I said that in a teasing tone, making Sollux pissed.

Sollux :"You know what? Ii change my miind. Ii'll help you [Name]"
[Name] :"Great! Then let's get started!"

I groan as he say that he will help us.


He was teasing me, I know it. He knows about my flush crush to [Name]. You want a war? It's on.

[Name] :"Hey Mituna, can you get the honey from my bag? And Sollux, can you help me adjusting the heat of the oven? I'll make the mixture"
Mituna :"Thure! Wait here!"

Mituna runs to the living room ath he gives me a deadly glare. I'm so going to enjoy this. I already have a plan.

Sollux :"Um, [Name], can you help me wiith thiith? Ii don't know how to do iit..."
[Name] :"Here, let me show you"

She bent down and show me how to do it. But I focused on her lips. Oh, it must be delicious. As the talk and talk, I can't hold it anymore. I lean my face towards her when she doesn't see, and when the looks back, my lips meet with hers. I begin kissing her, and she froze in shock.

Then suddenly I feel she pulls back, but then I see a blue and red static around her. It's not mine, but who is it? [Name] is pulled towards the door, and there's Mituna there. He looks at me in rage, and he hugs [Name] as he puts her down.

"Cheating when I'm out I thee"
"Ii'm takiing a head thtart, not cheatiing"

I take off my glasses, ready for a war with Mituna. He also takes off his helmet, revealing a scar that he got.


HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT. I have too many questions in my mind.
1) What the hell are they talking about.
2) Why the fuck did Sollux kiss me.
3) Why are they gonna fight.

I can feel the presence of their power getting stronger, and so, I run to the living room, and look for Psiioniic. I see a note on the table, and read it.

Dear [Name].

I'm out to the thupermarket to buy thome things.
If the boyth are bothering you, just thcold them.
Pleathe take care of them when I'm out.


How the fuck am I supposed to that?! They are going to a psionic power battle and I can't do anything to stop them!! I keep thinking when suddenly I hear an explosion. OH HELL NO.
I run back to the kitchen and see Sollux and Mituna lying on the ground. There's bruises all over their body. They lay side by side. I run to them, afraid that they might die.

"Sollux? Mituna?? Wake up!! Oh God, don't die please!!!"

I keep shaking their body untill they wake up.

Mituna :"Hey [Name]..."
Sollux :"Sup [Name]"

They look at me in awe, then I hug both of them, crying. "I'm really glad you guys are alright..."

Then they hug me back, then when I pull back, they nod to each other. Confused, I want to talk but Sollux shushes me.

Sollux :"Do you know why diid we fiight?"
Mituna :"We were fighting over you!!"
[Name] :"Wha-?"
Sollux :"We love you, [Name], and only one of uth can have you"
Mituna :"So, who do you choothe?"

To be continued...

(Mituna x Reader x Sollux) Psiionic Warby janicetheice

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2013-2014 janicetheice
Mature Content
This is a request from :iconhetalialover331:
I jumped to other requests again... I'm sorry!! :iconcryforeverplz: My mind has no idea for the requests...
At first I wanna make a one shot, but it won't be fun, right?
So I wanna make votes, Mituna, or Sollux? I wanna know! Post it in the comment! xD

Or you can choose Psiioniic too... I'll make it if enough people vote for him

I really hope you like it! And I'll make the next chapter, and the answer depends on the reader!

And as always, your comments always make my day, and your critics make my work better. Do not copy the story and claim it as your own. Idc if you save it so you can read it over and over, but don't share it somewhere else and claims it as your own.

:iconthe-helmsman::iconmitunafreakoutplz: and :iconxtwinarmageddonsx: belongs to :iconandrewhussieplz:

You belongs to yourself (yet)
The cover pic belongs to its rightful owner (I found it in Google)
Story belongs :iconjanicetheice:


Vote closed.
Sollux :8
Mituna :6
Psiioniic : 4
Both : 12 (Holy shit there's a lot)

So Sollux win! Thanks for the vote, and I'll make the story right away!

But because there's some people suggested to make all of them, then I shall make them. Happy now? And I'll try to make a lemon.

Sollux : [link]
Mituna : [link]
Psiioniic : [link]
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